Open Veil Ministry

Mission - Vision

In His service we do His work, spreading our Fathers word in truth and not traditions of man. Goal is to let all know His word and help others in need.


In our passion to glorify God, magnify His grace, and exalt His Son, Jesus Christ, it is our mission to serve the local church by assisting in globally educating God's people in the principles of biblical evangelism; Exhorting them to fulfill the Great Commission; and equipping them with every necessary resource along the way. We do this primarily through the teaching and preaching of God's Word, We give to those in need in the Valley of Roanoke, Va. and to the world. Visit us at Facebook and twitter for study. And check out the Video's on Youtube. It is in His service and love for you all, God Bless you that hunger for our Fathers word. Todd Davis / Pastor-Open Veil Ministry - Open Vail Ministry.

 I truly hope and pray all come to repentance and find the truth, because without it you will follow the world. Look around, Do You really want to follow it? And not TRUTH. In these days of lies and tricks, there are many false teachings and traditions of man and not God are in work. Many clam to be Christian but lack in a daily walk. If you truly believe, than you want nothing more than to please our Father. Tell Him you love Him. Show Him you love Him. Do what He Would have you do and not what your flesh wants. It's our mission that people see this.

 Think of the most beautiful place you have ever visited. Maybe it was a place in the mountains or in the forest. Maybe a place by a river or by a beach. Think of the happiest times in your life. Heaven is soooo much more than this. I want to see that place someday, don't you? Let's live in such a way that we will. Only by Jesus and The Word can we be pure as to be able to live there. The Bible is the Word of God, His letter to us on how to do it. Jesus is The Word.