Open Veil Ministry


We are a Web only Ministry. We will continue to teach in The Way God's Word in written until called home or He sounds that 7th trump. We will continue to send CD/DVD Study's & Literature for study. Contact us & let us know if we can help. If you would like to help us in serving God, please E-Mail us. We will not beg so don't expect it.  We thank you & may God bless all you that hunger for Him. †

  We are in over 22 country's as of today, and we are growing. It is by our Fathers blessings that we grow to spread His word. God Bless you all that hunger for  the knowledge and wisdom of  the letter to us, The Bible.


 What Direction are you going in? Do you see the world loosing it's way? Are you finding that days go by faster and faster and you seem to feel empty? As soon as we accept Jesus into our lives the path becomes smoother, straighter and when we look at the world we start to understand what it is all about. This life we are given is to choose the world = evil or good = The things of God, The Word, Jesus Christ.