Take a moment to read and pray on this. We want to help others get in there home.

     We at Open Veil Ministry, are in the service of our Father & by it we love to help our family members.  That is you! We are looking for Volunteers and supply's to help our families get the things they need. Food and clothing to helping with heat. We are a Non profit. We are located in Roanoke, Virginia and help all the surrounding areas. Help us if you find it in your hearts by being a Volunteer, food or clothing supplier , or send a dollar or two. Thank you very much for your support in helping our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, as we spread His Word while we work. God Bless you , from us at Open Veil Ministry, Todd Davis, Pastor.

                Contact Info: P.O.Box 21283 Roanoke, Va. 24018    



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Open Veil Ministry

P.O.Box 21283 Roanoke, Va.