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 OOver two-thirds of the Bible contains prophecies of events that surrounds national Israel and its various tribes, which relate to the plan of God for the salvation of humanity.

 TThis is a list of the major countries that represent the majority of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, in order to make the meaning of the end time prophecies. The World's wealthiest nations and occupy the world's choicest real-estate.

 Our Fathers message could have only come from these nations that have the good news to proclaim it to all before the return of Christ.

National Israel TODAY

A The following is a list of the tribes of Israel and their possible national identities today.

 Asher / Republic of South Africa

Genesis 49:20

Benjamin / Norway

Genesis 49:27

Dan / Ireland

Genesis 49:16-18

Gad / Germany

Genesis 49:19

Issachar / Finland

Genesis 49:14-15

Joseph (Ephraim)/ Britain & United Kingdom

Genesis 49:22-26

Joseph (Manasseh) U.S.A.

Genesis 49:22-26

Judah (Jews)but also scattered among other nations descended from Israel.

Genesis 49:8-12

Levi / scattered among other nations descended from Israel

Genesis 49:5-7

Naphthali / Sweden

Genesis 49:21

Reuben / France

Genesis 49:3-4

Simeon / Scattered among other nations descended from Israel

Genesis 49:5-7

Zebulon / Holland

Genesis 49:13

If you count them you may see that there are 13, it is because Britain, The United Kingdom and The United States of America are from the same Joseph.